17 Confessions From People Who Farted At The Worst Moment

If you have a big crush on someone try to remember that that person has probably farted. Numerous times. Maybe even around you. And that’s because everyone farts. It is a way of life — even our founding fathers got together and had a grand


A Guy Created Hilarious Fake Animal Facts & Put Them Up At The Zoo

If you’ve ever been to a zoo, you know that those little ‘ blurbs ‘ on the animal signs can often go overlooked. Most people don’t care what country the red-tailed hawk originated from or the typical shade of bamboo koalas prefers to snack on


25 Facts That Will Destroy Your Worldview

1. Let’s start small… did you know that you can’t hum when you hold your nose closed? 2. Or that in France, people were still being executed by guillotine when Star Wars first premiered in movie theaters? 3. How about this: When the last mammoth


Brutally Honest Illustrations About Life

Illustrator and author of “A Sticky Note Guide to Life“, Chaz Huton, perfectly sums up the realities of everyday life, and he does it all on sticky notes!