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Man ejected from truck, killed in Johnston County crash

Authorities said James Edwards Jr., 58, of Selma was traveling south on Pine Level Road when he drove off the road and hit a ditch, causing the vehicle to overturn.


25 Cartoon Doppelgangers Spotted in Real Life

These photos of cartoon doppelgangers in real life are definitive proof that cartoon characters live among us. Suit Up Better Off Ned Excellent Scouts Honor My Boo Looney Bin Now We’re Cooking The Real Linda Belcher No No No Ogre Achiever What the Crap? Boy Story


11 Tumblr Posts So Cute You Might Start Puking Rainbows

Here are some things so freakin’ adorable, you might just poop fairy dust for the rest of your life. 1. Guillermo del Toro, anime, and the set of Pacific Rim combined forces to create the most adorable nickname ever. 2. Well, he trusts Barry Allen,